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Resources and Technical Data for Specialty Gases, Industrial Gases and Gas Handling Equipment from Air Liquide

Technical Resources

All the specialty and industrial gas product, technical and safety information you need in one convenient location.

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Gas and Cylinder Safety

Specialty gases under high pressure can pose a serious health and safety hazard if not handled properly. Over the course of our 100+ year history of supplying specialty and industrial gases, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to handle them safely. Based
on our experience, we offer here some general guidelines that help you maintain a
comfortable margin of safety while using high-pressure cylinders.

Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage, Handling and Usage

Click here to see available compressed gas cylinders from Air Liquide, including
sizes and specifications.

Training Video

For Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety

This 17-minute video is a “must see” for anyone who uses gases under pressure.
Our video provides an expert overview of important information you should know
about how to improve on-the-job safety when using high-pressure cylinders.

Click here to view the video.

On Site Surveys


Improve your on-the-job specialty gas safety and efficiency even more by requesting a no-obligation cylinder gas and equipment safety survey—exclusively from Air Liquide.

Click here to learn more about i-SEE.

Safety Alerts and Solutions from Air Liquide

Protect your employees with safety alerts from Air Liquide that offer information on the safe handling of compressed gases in cylinders. Click here to learn more.

 Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety from Air Liquide