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Scott brand specialty gas mixtures from Air Liquide

Products and Services

Air Liquide offers pure and mixed gases as well as gas handling equipment and related services for nearly every application imaginable. Developing custom products is our specialty.

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Scott Brand Specialty Gas Mixtures

Scott brand specialty gas mixtures from Air Liquide

Scott Brand Specialty Gas Mixtures from Air LiquideScott brand specialty gas mixtures have long been acknowledged worldwide as being the definitive standard for calibration accuracy. These very same mixtures, produced using the same Scott technology, are now available from Air Liquide. Our ISO-certified laboratories follow strict procedures for preparation and analysis of Scott gas mixtures - ensuring products of the highest quality that are fully traceable to recognized metrology standards.

Our Scott brand calibration mixtures are analyzed against benchmark standards such as Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) and NIST-Traceable Reference Materials (NTRMs) obtained from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), or other recognized metrology institutes such as VSL (formerly NMi) in the Netherlands.

Value and Performance You Can Measure at Your Bottom Line

  • Tighten process control to maximize yields and reduce operating costs
  • Shorten product time-to-market cycle by reducing recalibration downtime
  • Improve quality of your end product-leading to increased product market value
  • Avoid the cost of fines or penalties resulting from regulatory noncompliance
  • Earn valuable emissions trade credits
  • Eliminate costs associated with unnecessary instrument downtime

Technology from Scott Specialty Gases Meets Air Liquide Global Resources

The 50-plus year heritage of Scott Specialty Gases combines with Air Liquide's 100-plus years of gas innovation to provide capabilities that are unparalleled in the specialty gas industry. Scott brand proprietary technology provides know-how to facilitate consistent preparation of the highest accuracy specialty gas mixtures. Air Liquide leverages its global resources as the world's largest producer of industrial, environmental and medical gases to provide expanded production and distribution capabilities. Our combined commitment to continued technical innovation empowers us to achieve unique product specifications, regardless of the nature of the components in the mixture.

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Customer Driven Accuracy and Traceability

Scott brand gas mixtures are generally differentiated by the degree of accuracy you require. They provide complementary levels of traceability, blend tolerance, process accuracy, analytical accuracy and other critical product parameters. With our gas and liquid standards, you have complete control over your calibration and process control standards because you select the class of mixture with the characteristics that are most appropriate for your use- without sacrificing performance and without paying for tighter specifications than your application requires. Air Liquide applies strict quality control procedures to raw materials as well as to finished products, ensuring that undesirable contaminants are not present.

Leading-edge blending processes and stringent analytical procedures, combined with knowledge acquired during almost 50 years of blending all types of mixtures, result in a product that will consistently be within your specified accuracy requirement.

Guaranteed Performance

Scott brand gas mixture classes comprise the world's most complete portfolio of specialty gas and liquid mixture products used in quantitative analysis and in process control applications. They establish an authoritative performance standard so that you never need to sacrifice dependability and mixture integrity (and value to your bottom line) for cost-effectiveness. Every gas mixture in each class is guaranteed to be within the specifications you ordered. Whether you need a high-accuracy master calibration standard that is traceable to a global reference standard, a reactive and complex process control mixture, or a simple two-component gas mixture for quick instrument checks, Air Liquide has a class of specialty gas or liquid mixtures that will perfectly match performance to your application needs.

Scott Brand Mixtures Product Offering

Air Liquide refuses to use low quality raw materials providing low purity levels. This is because increased impurities create application problems such as unidentified peaks on chromatographs. We therefore insist on using only the highest purity components available, and stock more than 800 high-purity components for use in making our gas and liquid standards.

The number of possible gas and liquid mixtures consisting of various components in varying concentrations is nearly infinite. In addition to the mixtures shown in this section, additional specialty mixtures are available, as are custom developed products for highly specialized applications. That said, even as the world leader in specialty gases, we sometimes encounter limitations that prevent us from making certain mixtures. Some are safety-related while most are just a matter of chemistry.

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Seven Product Classes Engineered
to Meet Your Application Needs

Our portfolio of product classes redefine mixture versatility for a cost-effective solution to most application requirements. Each class has unique characteristics and subsequent performance specifications.

Choose among dual-analyzed, dual-certified and single-certified standards. For unique applications, we offer custom standards that can be tailored to nearly any application parameters imaginable.

Scott gas mixtures from Air Liquide offer you the ultimate flexibility in selecting blend tolerance, analytical accuracy, blend process accuracy and process traceability.

Dual-Analyzed Standards

Dual-Certified Standards

Single-Certified Standards

Custom Standards

Scott Brand is Global

Although the Scott brand originated in the United States, it is also available worldwide. Click here to learn more.

Scott Gas and Liquid Mixtures
Typical Specifications Chart

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