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Compressed Gas Cylinder Sizes and Specifications from Air Liquide

Products and Services

Air Liquide offers pure and mixed gases as well as gas handling equipment and related services for nearly every application imaginable. Developing custom products is our specialty.

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Gas Cylinder Sizes and Other Packaging

For Specialty Gases and Industrial Gases

Air Liquide provides a wide variety of gas cylinders and cylinder sizes selected to meet specific customer needs. However, since we produce many different compressed gases in cylinders (also known as specialty gases and industrial gases) with widely varying chemical characteristics, the packaging we offer must be based on several important criteria. To see complete details select a category under Cylinder Size Specifications and Packaging in the navigator at left.


The safety of our customers, employees, and third-party personnel who may transport our products, is our primary concern. Gas cylinder size, material of construction and valve type are often determined by CGA, DOT and TC guidelines. In addition our 50+ year experience provides us with hands-on knowledge regarding what gases can be safely contained and transported in low and high-pressure cylinders.


Since specialty gases/cylinder gases can be corrosive and/or reactive in nature, we carefully match cylinder and valve types in order to protect the integrity of the gas. To ensure gas mixture stability, reactive gases are only provided in cylinders treated with our exclusive suite of ACULIFE™ cylinder inerting processes.

Customer Convenience

For most gases, the choice of gas cylinder depends upon your application requirements. We offer numerous gas cylinders sizes, as well as multi-cylinder packs and tube trailers to provide gas quantities that are appropriate for you usage. Cryogenic liquid containers for atmospheric and helium pure gases are also available.

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