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Molecules that Matter

Molecules that Matter

Customer-Focused, Environment-Conscious

Air Liquide is all about molecules that matter, which we provide in meticulously measured quantities as pure or mixed gases. Backed by our focus on environment, sustainability and safety, we strive to achieve greater customer satisfaction and success--plus a safer and cleaner environment for us all.

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Scott Brand Mixtures

‘Scottabe Scott™

Traceable and Analytically Accurate

When your EPA protocol or other gas mixture absolutely positively has to be traceable and analytically accurate and…. well, you get the idea.

Our Scott brand specialty gas mixtures have long been acknowledged as being the global benchmark for gas mixture accuracy and dependability.

These very same Scott mixtures, produced using original Scott technology, are available exclusively from Air Liquide.

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True Added Value

True Added Value

There's more to product value than "bells and whistles." True product value can always be measured in terms of money or material worth. Cost of using a pure or mixed gas goes beyond the price of the gas itself. The true cost of a gas includes other aspects of your business that the gases you use affect.

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You'll flip over how SMARTOP makes using our pure gases safer and more cost-effective than ever...read more.

Gas Handling Equipment

Gas Handling Equipment

If you use compressed pure or mixed gases, you need reliable equipment to deliver gas from cylinder to point of use. Choosing the wrong equipment can not only adversely affect your application, it can also pose a serious threat to the health and safety of your personnel.

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New SMARTOP makes using pure gases safer and more cost-effective...
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Air Liquide America Specialty Gases

(pronounced Air Le-keed)

As part of the global Air Liquide Group, we manufacture and supply specialty gases (also known as compressed gases) needed by a variety of industries for research, analysis, process control, manufacturing and many other applications. Our Scott™ specialty gas and liquid mixtures are widely regarded as being the most accurate in the industry. Our ALPHAGAZ™ pure specialty gases have long been a global benchmark for quality and purity.

Numerous other Air Liquide brands also fill needs for high-quality specialty gases in a wide range of applications. Specialty gases in our SCOTTY™ Transportable compressed gas cylinders provide economical alternatives to returnable high-pressure cylinders when small quantities of specialty gas are needed. Scott gas handling equipment provides years of trouble-free and high-performance service, protects specialty gas purity and integrity, and delivers it safely to your point-of-use.

See more information about our gases under the Products and Services category above the banner at the top of this page. The Industry Offerings category allows you to browse our products by your industry application needs. Product literature, tech and safety data, as well as other useful info are grouped under Technial Resources. If you need assistance or help with a custom product, call us toll-free at 1.800.217.2688 or use the red quote button at the top of the left-hand navigator that is shown on most pages.

New Technology

Scott Model SN4P74
SilcoNert® 2000 Treated
Cross Purge Assemblies

Scott Brand Model SN4P74 SilcoNert 2000 Treated Cross Purge Assemblies from Air Liquide


Scott Model SN4P74 Cross Purge Assemblies are ideal for use with low level reactive calibration gas mixtures. Used between the gas cylinder and pressure regulator, they provide a means to introduce the purge gas into the system, isolate the regulator and flush contaminates through a vent valve. The SilcoNert 2000 treatment eliminates surface adsorption of the gases for unsurpassed analytical accuracy.

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